Buyers Move from Boston Area to Norfolk to Start a New Chapter in Their Lives!

What’s better than being involved in a new and exciting chapter in a family’s life!  That was my job as a buyers’ agent for this new construction home in a new development on the Norfolk / Wrentham town line.   This family of two will soon be three and are moving down from an urban environment to the peace and tranquility Norfolk can offer.

  Happy to have another happy couple enjoying Metrowest Living! 

Warren St Norfolk   Welcome another family to MetroWest Living! 

Busy Spring Season!

Well the snow is still around but as far as the housing market is concerned, Spring has SPRUNG!  Buyers are finding that with each home they’re interested in, they’re often one of many who are also considering offers.  Multiple offers the first few days the home is on the market (if it’s priced right) is the MO of the spring season!   Buyers are finding it hard to lock in their new home in a contract, often missing 2 or 3 homes before they learn the tricks of this market.

For a buyer, what are the tricks?

  •  FIRST Come Prepared -Know a little about the house, if you’re fairly certain it will meet your needs, ask your buyer’s agent to look at value before you see the home.  Have your pre-approval for financing up to date and reflecting the type of loan you would need for this home.  Bring your check book with you so you can write the offer on-site if necessary.
  • Consider ways to make your offer a bit more appealing than the others. Keep the offer clean.  a) Don’t include a lot of requests like including items the seller wanted to take.  b) Avoid credit back at closing if you can.  c) Of course the more you can put down as a deposit will make you stronger.  d) Try to meet the sellers needs in terms of dates.  If the seller wants to move out end of May, consider an end of May close.  Sometimes your realtor will have to do some digging for sellers’ requests but it;s worth the effort. 
  • Use a letter to introduce yourself  You’ll be surprised how often this makes the difference.  Tell them why you think this home will work well for you.  
  • Tighten the time when the offer expires. The longer the home is on the market, the more buyers will be interested.  You need to come in with a very solid offer but then force the seller to make a decision quickly.  
  • Offer priceUse your realtor for this one.  Make sure a market analysis is done and you know value of homes in that neighborhood – Once you’re aware of what historical sales will place this home in terms of pricing, consider putting another 1% – 2% over that price – even if it means your offer is over asking.  If you plan on being in this home for 5 or more years, a 1% increase will be negligible over time.  And if you’re competing with other buyers, your offer price will be a critical piece as to whether your offer is considered.

Yes, it’s challenging out there for buyers now but rates are still low and home ownership is worth the effort.  Please feel free to call me if you have any other questions about buying or selling in this market.

February Real Estate Market – Metrowest Boston

While the January Monthly Housing Report  reflects the winter slowdown in home sales across the region, much of the slowdown is attributed to the stormy winter we’ve had.  Good news is that is about to end!  Twenty eight more days until Spring! 

But what’s happening locally?  Well anectdotally , I can tell you Spring has Sprung as it relates to Real Estate in Metrowest Boston!  My clients searching for a new home for their growing family, found this beautiful home  this month and will be moving in March 14!  I am so happy for 78 Pine Rd Attleborothem.  As I remind my buyers these days, there are fewer buyers out there negotiating, so keep busy looking thru the snow storms. It may pay off for you too!  





I Love This Job

So my first sale in 2014 happened with buyer clients of mine who had bought their first home from me 7 or 8 years ago.  I’m SO thrilled they found this charming home in Mendon!  And I’m even more thrilled at Lisa’s note to me below!  

First Home Sold in 2014Dear Marcia, 

It has been such a whirlwind with getting moved in & settled I realized I never spoke to you after our closing to tell you thank you! Thank you for everything you have done for us & for putting up with what always seems to be some sort of wackiness that seems  to come along for the ride!  :]   I am so happy we had you with our first home and even more so you stuck with us through all these years till we found this one.  As we do things to this house I’d love to have you come by and see our progress & we can keep in touch. Thank you so much again…for everything!!    Lisa

What is the Real Story on Interest Rates

I started working with a new buyer this week who was a bit shocked that the interest rates were in around the low to mid 4′s.  He was wondering if it made sense to wait until they dropped again.   It may seem perplexing to buyers as the rates climb, but let’s keep it in perspective.

If you consider what it means in actual dollars, it should not stop you from buying today.  Remember homes are starting to appreciate. So waiting another year could mean that the home of our dreams increases in value 5% (more or less).  Rates today are still very low when you look at the historical perspective.  Take a look at the trend below and you should realize, if you’re considering buying, 2014 may be the BEST time to buy a home!

Interest Rate History from FNMA if you’re a buyer 2014 may be the BEST year to buy a home!


Sellers – One More Hoop to jump thru – The Appraisal!

If you’ve hired a seasoned Realtor, s/he will tell you that it’s not over until the appraisal is done. When buyers put an offer in on a home and it’s accepted, they begin the financial process of securing a mortgage. One step in that process is having an appraisal on the home. The bank wants to be sure (as does the buyer) that what they’ve offered for the home is really the value of the home. Most buyers’ agents will include a contingency in their offer “Subject to the home appraising at or above full purchase price”. Even if that’s not in the offer – it is often in the pre approval and in the P&S.


In any case, the bank will not commit to a loan unless the value is in the house. Selling your Home

So what is a listing agent to do to position the house to the appraiser? And more importantly what do the current laws allow? Appraisers and Lenders have specific rules about what is allowed in terms of communication. A 2010 law requires no communication between lender and appraiser. This is to avoid the possibility of collusion between the two parties. Because of that law the extreme tightening of rules and regs in the mortgage industry, may make realtors believe they too cannot share info with the appraiser. There is nothing further from the truth. Listing agents have the responsibility of sharing pertinent info about the home and the market and the marketing process for the home. If a listing agent has had multiple offers, this is something they absolutely SHOULD share with the appraiser. If showings and open houses have been very busy – share that info. Listing agents should be sharing info, of course, about the home and any amenities the appraiser may miss on a walk through. And listing agents should definitely talk about the local market which may affect the value of the home.
As a listing agent, we have a responsibility to make sure the appraiser is well informed about the home they’re appraising.

If you would like more detailed info on the laws around the appraisal process, Appraisal Laws and Procedures.  And if you’re looking for a seasoned agent who understands what it takes to market a home successfully, give me a call or email me.

Ashland MA Open House Sunday October 27 2013

ASHLAND MA has an AWESOME OPEN HOUE SUNDAY PLANNED – 17 of the 44 homes on the market are open for your viewing pleasure.  Start your tour at 45 Hilldale Rd and you’ll get a list of all homes opened on Sunday -
Don’t miss 45 Hilldale Rd from 11-1pm

Absolutely Ready for its New Owners!






Open House

Single Family Home
Main Features
3 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
Interior: 988 sqft
Lot: 18,731 sqft
45 Hilldale Rd
Ashland, MA 01721

Marcia Kramarz Marcia Kramarz

Re/MaxExecutive Realty
(508) 377 7171


Listed by: Marcia Kramarz

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